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Texas Senate

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Recommended Tim Reid (Republican)

Tim has lived in Amarillo for almost 30 years and is a lifelong public servant. During his 28-year career with the FBI, Tim worked with law enforcement agencies across the State to keep Texas families safe and understands the role that law and order play in our society. He has also worked to protect U.S. interests across the globe, making Tim the only candidate in the race with real-life experience and knowledge on how to secure the Texas border. Tim is currently an educator and former school board member. He knows the best way to keep critical race theory out of our schools is by maintaining local control, a cause he's pledged to always fight for. And having grown up as a foster child, Tim knows how important it is for kids to feel safe and secure and will work to address the issues facing Child Protective Services. Tim has a passion for serving and will always put the needs of District 31 first. We are proud to recommend Tim in the election.

Texas House


Recommended Four Price (Republican)

Representative Four Price was first elected to the Texas House in 2010 and has since worked on issues that have directly impacted the residents of the counties he serves. He serves on the House Public Health Committee and the House Natural Resources Committee and co-chairs the Health and Human Services Transition Legislative Oversight Committee. Four played a crucial role in securing the Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine in Amarillo and passed legislation to cap the out-of-pocket costs of insulin in the most recent legislative session. He's a strong advocate for Amarillo and the surrounding counties and has earned another term. We are proud to recommend Rep. Price in the upcoming election. 


Recommended John Smithee (Republican)

Representative John Smithee was first elected to the Texas House in 1984. He's one of the leading legislators in Austin and has always worked hard on behalf of the residents of District 86. In 2019, John worked alongside the Panhandle delegation, the City of Amarillo, and Texas Tech to secure the Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine, which will have a significant economic impact on Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle for years to come. Rep. Smithee's leadership is exactly what our area needs in Austin, and we are proud to recommend him for reelection. 


Recommended Ken King (Republican)

Representative Ken King was first elected to the Texas House in 2012. He currently serves as Chairman of the House Culture, Recreation, and Tourism Committee and is a member of the House Public Education Committee and the Energy Council. Ken understands the oil and gas industry, and he knows how vital it is to the success of the Texas economy. He's stated that he will continue to stand against any attempts from the federal government to destroy the industry. Rep. King has a proven track record of supporting public schools and knows the role they play in rural areas of our State. He's a proven leader and a strong voice in Austin for the Panhandle. We are proud to recommend Ken King in the upcoming election.

Randall County Commission, Precinct 1


Recommended Rusty Carnes (Republican)

Commissioner Rusty Carnes was appointed to represent Precinct 1 in Randall County in 2021. Since his appointment, Rusty has promoted conservative principles that have kept property taxes low. In fact, Commissioner Carnes and his fellow commissioners were able to keep the property tax rate for 2022 the same as 2021. He has stated that he'll continue to support our local first-responders and work to ensure the County's infrastructure is in good shape and can handle the significant growth the County is experiencing. Rusty Carnes has worked hard for the citizens of Randall County, which is why we're proud to recommend him in the upcoming election.

Randall County Commission, Precinct 2


Recommended Eric Barry (Republican)

Eric is a newcomer to local politics but is ready to hit the ground running and is committed to always putting the needs of Randall County first. He's passionate about the County's first responders and is focused on ensuring the County is attracting and retaining the very best. Eric is also committed to keeping taxes low and seeking creative solutions to the issues facing Randall County. We feel Eric Barry will be a voice that voters can trust and are proud to recommend him in the upcoming election.


Recommended Melissa Juett Kalka (Republican)

Melissa Juett Kalka is a lifelong Republican and has been active in the local party for years. She's committed to keeping taxes low while attracting new businesses to Randall County and growing the County's revenue. Her experience working at the West Texas A&M Enterprise Center makes her uniquely qualified to help bring new businesses to the County. She has also committed to supporting County employees and always taking the time to listen to voters. Melissa's parents, Bill and Jane Juett, served our area for years, and we know Melissa will continue that legacy of service. We are proud to recommend Melissa Juett Kalka in the upcoming election.


Recommended Nancy Tanner (Republican)

Judge Nancy Tanner was first elected to office in 2014 and is dedicated to doing what's needed to ensure the county has the resources it needs to serve the people who live in Potter County. She's a champion for mental health causes and has worked to increase the resources available to residents in an effort to address this growing need. Judge Tanner has the experience Potter County needs and the leadership skills to ensure Potter County continues to be a great place to live and raise a family. We are proud to recommend Judge Tanner in the upcoming election.

Randall County Commission, Precinct 4

Randall County Commission, Precinct 4

Potter County Judge

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