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About Us


Our Mission
Amarillo Matters will work to identify, articulate and facilitate positive opportunities for Amarillo and the surrounding area. 

Vision Statement
Amarillo Matters will seek out and support leaders of the highest integrity. We will look for leaders who know what makes us great and have the desire and knowledge to make us better. We will focus on elections and issues that have a direct impact on the policy, economy, and future of Amarillo and the surrounding area. 

Our Principles
We will always act with the highest integrity and put the needs of our community first

We will work to build trust and credibility with our community

We will be a positive force 

We will be free of conflicts of interest

We believe in the benefits of limited government 

History of Amarillo Matters

Amarillo Matters PAC was founded in late 2016 by several community leaders who had grown concerned about the leadership of the Amarillo City Council and the overall direction of the city. After successfully working on the 2017 municipal election, the group started to organize so they could continue to make an impact long term.

Our Focus

Amarillo Matters will primarily focus on elected positions in which the elected official has a direct governance responsibility to the citizens of Amarillo and the surrounding area. We will also focus on issues that have a positive benefit on Amarillo and the surrounding area. We believe the word benefit has many definitions. They include economic development projects, major investments in our local workforce and students, along with quality of life projects. 

We realize numerous issues will present themselves in the years to come, especially as our area continues to grow. Because we can’t be involved in all of them, we believe it’s best to limit our involvement to issues that make a significant contribution to our area and do so with a high moral standard. 

Board of Directors

Jason Herrick, President

Trevor Caviness, Vice President

Andrew Hall, Treasurer

Richard Brown, Secretary

Alan Rhodes, Director

Blaine Roberts, Director

Brett Hall, Director

Carmen Fenton, Director

Mike Hughes, Director

Paul Evans, Director

Steve Trafton, Director

Steve Pair, Executive Director

Our Mission

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Amarillo Matters

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