After months of researching the candidates in the upcoming primary election, Amarillo Matters PAC is excited to announce its endorsements. 

In the race for Texas Senate District 31, the PAC endorses current Republican Senator Kel Seliger. “We believe Seliger has done a tremendous job representing the people of West Texas,” Amarillo Matters PAC Executive Director Steve Pair said. The endorsement comes after the group invited all of the current candidates to discuss the issues facing our area. Seliger was the only one who took the time to meet with the PAC. “We were disappointed the other candidates didn’t meet with us,” Pair said. “But it served as a great reminder of how Seliger does more than talk about listening to the people of his district, he actually does it.  He is the true conservative in this race that will represent our district.”

Before being elected to the Texas Senate in 2004, Seliger served four terms as Mayor of Amarillo. He currently serves on numerous Senate committees and is Chairman of the Senate Higher Education Committee. 

In the race for Texas House District 87, Amarillo Matters PAC endorses Republican Representative Four Price. Price was first elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 2010 and has since distinguished himself as a true leader. “He’s earned the respect of people locally and his colleagues in the 

Texas House, which speaks volumes about the type of leader he is,” Pair said. 

Price serves on numerous committees and is chairman of the House Committee on Public Health. He was widely praised for his efforts on mental health in the last session, where he introduced more than a dozen bills on the issue. “That’s the perfect example of how he listens to the problems facing our community and goes to work in Austin to address them,” Pair said. Price was also named one of the best legislators by Texas Monthly, which noted he was one of the session’s most effective problem solvers. “Price is one of a kind and we’re lucky to have him working on our behalf,” Pair added.

The group also endorses the re-election bid of Representative John Smithee for Texas House District 86.

“Seliger, Price and Smithee are proven conservatives who put the needs of their district first, regardless of the pressures put on them at the state level,” Pair said. “You can’t replace that kind of leadership and we see no reason to do so.”

“With so many important projects on the horizon, including the Texas Tech Veterinary School, we are asking all voters to stand with our community by voting for Senator Seliger and Representatives Price and Smithee,” Pair added.

The primary will be held March 6, 2018.