Amarillo Matters made recommendations to you during the last City election. You agreed and elected a team. Here are the priorities our new City leadership is tackling head on:


 Cut waste. We have the lowest tax rate of any similar sized city in Texas.

 Prioritizing road repairs in the budget: better roads, less road debt.

 Created the “Coming Home” program to assist our homeless population.

 Led effort to bring the Texas Tech Vet School.

 Cracking down on domestic violence and DWI crimes.


Based on their records addressing these key local issues, we are proud to endorse the following candidates for election to Amarillo city leadership.



 Mayor | Ginger Nelson

Successful small business owner, top attorney and mother. Ginger improved how we pay for road repairs to fix roads faster and without debt. She has hired 22 new police officers and 5 firefighters. Leading Amarillo is not easy, but Ginger is tough and talented.


 Place 1 | Elaine Hays

Before you elected her two years ago, Elaine was already a trusted local leader and advisor. A financial expert and author of “When God We Trust” and “Avoiding the Top Ten Money Mistakes,” Elaine understands fiscal responsibility and smart budgeting. She looks out to protect the elderly and victims of crime. Elaine and her husband, Tracy, have four grown children and three grandchildren.


 Place 2 | Freda Powell

You elected Freda after her 40 years as a hard-working businesswoman and volunteer. She previously served as a member of the High Plains Food Bank Board and was named Girl Scouts’ “Woman of Distinction.” Freda leads the fight against domestic violence & sex trafficking and stands up for the elderly.


 Place 3 | Dr. Eddy Sauer

For 30 years, Dr. Sauer is a trusted family dentist and friend to all. A graduate of our public schools and West Texas A&M, Dr. Sauer strongly supports education. So many issues the city deals with revolve around health care issues like elder care, homelessness, and health costs. Dr. Sauer provides a voice of experience and expertise on medical issues.


 Place 4 | Howard Smith

Howard Smith has served our nation and our city–working on virtually every local board including our School Board and the Planning & Zoning Commission before you promoted him to City Council two years ago. Howard has as kind, charitable spirit. Howard was guided by his back-to-basics philosophy as he helped turn the city around from our previous problems.