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A Note of Thanks

Today, we wanted to take a second to thank all of the folks who worked so hard to get our community through the recent cold weather blast. While we did experience some rolling blackouts and the occasional power outage, for the most part, we kept the lights on and the heat flowing. Many downstate were without power for days, and some still have none. That wasn't the case in Amarillo.

We are grateful to crews at Xcel and Atmos who worked tirelessly to keep us safe. We are thankful to the city and county crews who worked just as hard. We are grateful for our steady city leadership, who were open, transparent, and kept us all up-to-date. And a big thanks goes out to the community at large. When asked, everyone stepped up and worked to conserve energy to help ensure our friends, family, and neighbors were safe. As is always the case, when times get tough, we pulled together and took care of each other. This is precisely what makes Amarillo and the Panhandle so special. Thanks to everyone.

And for those wondering, spring starts in 26 days.

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