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Recap: 2022 Endorsements

Updated: May 15, 2022

We believe it's critical to have strong leadership at all levels of government who are always working with the best interests of Amarillo, and the Panhandle, at heart.

Amarillo Matters Board President Jason Herrick said, "One of our missions is to ensure stable, consistent leadership while promoting the continued growth of Amarillo and the surrounding area." Herrick added, "We need leaders who believe in local control, small government, and those who will push our community forward."

Amarillo Matters feels strongly that we must continue to grow, be innovative, attract new businesses to town, and be willing to invest back into our community so that Amarillo continues to be the best place to live and raise our families. Below are our official recommendations for the upcoming election.

Randall County Commission

Precinct 2: Eric Barry

Precinct 4: Melissa Juett Kalka

Eric Barry is committed to seeking creative solutions to the issues facing Randall County and understands how critical it is to address the County's significant growth. He's also promised to be a voice voters can trust, a promise we feel he'll keep. Melissa Juett Kalka has run a small business, overseen multi-million dollar budgets, and worked to bring new businesses to town while at the West Texas A&M Enterprise Center. Her resume speaks for itself, making her the clear choice in the race for Precinct 4.

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