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Mayor and City Lead Successful Vaccine Rollout

Twelve thousand people in Amarillo were able to get vaccinated for COVID-19, thanks to an unprecedented effort by the City of Amarillo. After receiving its first vaccine allocations, the city moved quickly to open a vaccination clinic at the Amarillo Civic Center. Multiple city departments all came together to support the Amarillo Public Health Department to ensure the clinic was successful and run smoothly. From most accounts on social media, people were impressed with the clinic and were very grateful to get the vaccine. Many people noted how efficient and well-run the clinic was.

Mayor Ginger Nelson said, "Several months ago, city staff began anticipating the arrival of the vaccine in our city. Our mission was speed – get people vaccinated as soon as possible. I'm proud of the planning and execution of our vaccine rollout."

The program even caught Governor Greg Abbott's attention, who Tweeted that Amarillo’s distribution process was "a great model to ensure vaccines are provided as quickly as possible."

The clinic was also open on Saturday. People should check to check on the status of vaccinations in Amarillo. According to the city's most recent report card, there are more than 3,100 active cases of COVID in Amarillo with a hospitalization rate of 22.36%. Sadly, the virus has claimed 525 lives in our area.

Amarillo COVID-19 Vaccine
Governor Abbott Talks About Amarillo COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout


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