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See The Good, Amarillo!

When we flip on our TVs, we’re often bombarded with negative news. Whether that’s crime, lawsuits, bad economic news, etc., it seems that the good is often overlooked. Since we know how easy it is to get weighed down in all the negativity, it’s important to look for the good, and there’s plenty of that in Amarillo.

Amarillo surpassed the 200,000 population mark. This is a milestone that many experts feel will bring new and exciting things to our community. As we’ve noted several times, the Amarillo EDC is on a roll and working hard to attract new businesses and jobs to Amarillo. Of course, their efforts will help grow our local tax base and help keep local taxes low.

The first students to ever walk the halls at the The Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine are now second year students, and the school is accepting applications for the fall of 2023. Not only does the number of students continue to increase; the number of jobs they’re creating and the positive impact on our local economy also continue to grow.

The City’s Sales and Hotel Occupancy Tax collections are both strong. The growth is apparent, especially if you take a drive down south Soncy. The new Heritage Hills neighborhood continues to develop, and a drive just outside of the City limits along VFW road will reveal several new developments between Amarillo and Canyon.

Both Amarillo College and West Texas A&M are in the news almost daily for a new award they’ve received, or they are featured in a story regarding the impact they are making on both their students and our community.

Our first-responders truly love our City and take the time to go above and beyond every day, as ABC 7 highlighted last week when Amarillo firefighters helped put a big smile on the face of an 8 year-old boy.

No, Amarillo isn’t perfect, but there are a lot of good things happening in town. It’s important to keep that in mind, especially when we’re constantly bombarded by negative news, issues, and people who seek to divide our Community.

It’s truly a great time to live in Amarillo.

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