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Recommended Ginger Nelson

A mother, attorney, and successful small business owner, Ginger spent years putting her legal expertise and business acumen to work for Amarillo’s families. She ran for Mayor to focus the city’s resources on creating jobs, keeping taxes low and our crime rate under control. Under her leadership, Amarillo has had one of the highest levels of economic growth in Texas. Nelson had this success as Mayor while fighting a winning battle against cancer. She has become a role model for others facing this deadly disease.


Not Recommended Micheal Hunt

Michael Hunt is a longtime Amarillo businessman, catering company owner, and educator. He is 

a graduate of Canyon High School, West Texas A&M University, and Texas Tech University. When asked about his plans for Amarillo in an interview with local media, Hunt was quoted as saying, “I don’t have any specific ideas what to do.” 


Not Recommended Carl Karas

Karas is a retired New York Architect and proud Ukrainian American. He is from Winnipeg, Manitoba and studied architecture at UT and environmental science at the University of Manitoba. On Twitter, Karas makes clear that he’s a proud liberal Democrat and speaks in favor of gun control and a $15 minimum wage. 

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Not Recommended Claudette Smith

Claudette Smith has filed multiple frivolous lawsuits against the city in an effort to stop the positive momentum created by the current council. She’s openly opposed to efforts that have resulted in the most economic development our city has seen in 30 years. Smith has been directly linked to a web of Facebook pages that spread misinformation aimed at dividing our city. Smith is not a leader, she is a divider and is not the mayor Amarillo needs. She was unsuccessful in her last attempt for office, when voters rejected her by nearly 40 points.

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Recommended Freda Powell

A 40-year resident, community leader, and former High Plains Food Bank Board Member, Powell brings a balanced approach to problem-solving on the City Council. Freda was honored with the Girl Scouts’ “Woman of Distinction” Award. As a Board of Directors member for Soroptimist International of the Americas, Freda has been a leading voice for ending domestic violence and sex trafficking through strong public safety initiatives.


Not Recommended Jason Fogelsong

Jason is a local public educator who has worked in retail management, security, and corrections. Jason is a graduate of The State University of New York. You might remember that last year, Jason ran for Congress and finished 14th among 14 candidates.


Not Recommended Josiah West

Joe is a motorcycle instructor at Amarillo College. He grew up in Pampa and has lived here for 12 years. In a local interview, Joe said, “I’d hardly say I’m the best candidate for the Council.” While we respect his passion for our city, we have to agree with him. 

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Recommended Dr. Eddy Sauer

For more than 30 years, Dr. Sauer has been a friendly fixture of our community as a trusted family dentist. A graduate of our public schools and West Texas A&M, Dr. Sauer is committed to ensuring our local kids get the excellent education they deserve. Dr. Sauer’s focus on growing on economy helped lead to our biggest economic boom in 30 years. His leadership on bringing the Tech Vet School, increasing the City’s public safety budget, running City Hall like his successful small business, and bringing great customer service to the city have elevated Amarillo to another level.


Not Recommended Tom Scherlen

Tom Scherlen is an Amarillo businessman who attended Frank Phillips College and West Texas State University. Tom volunteers with numerous organizations and has been a Sunday school teacher and Bible study leader for local churches in Amarillo. Scherlen’s campaign website does not articulate a clear plan of action for Amarillo. He has iterated that he has the time set aside to serve.

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Recommended Howard Smith

Amarillo native and Navy Veteran, Howard Smith has served his nation and our city – as a council member, a school board member, and on the Planning & Zoning Commission. A successful small business owner and local realtor, Howard is known for his kind, charitable spirit and for helping countless Amarillo families find their homes. He is prioritizing cleaning up and repairing our streets and highways and improving public safety to combat crime.


Not Recommended Sharyn Delgado

Sharyn graduated from Palo Duro High School in 1985 and is passionate about mental health. Her website states that she’s supportive of one of the major initiatives created by the current council. We agree and see no reason for change.

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Not Recommended Richard Herman

Herman is a former Justice of the Peace in Potter County. Herman has been under criminal investigations including for domestic assault and being shot and failing to report. He plead guilty to assault. Richard recently ran for the 13th Congressional Seat and finished 12th.


Not Recommended Ali Ramos

Ali was born and raised in Amarillo and is a disability advocate. She says she is always looking for ways to give back to the Amarillo community, and we hope she’ll continue to make a difference. However, her liberal politics don’t jive with the majority of the Amarillo residents.

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