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Amarillo Matters: Winegarner Will Get the Job Done

After months of research and meetings, Amarillo Matters announced today that it is officially endorsing Josh Winegarner in the race to succeed Congressman Mac Thornberry to represent the 13th Congressional District in Washington, D.C.

“Josh was born and raised in the Panhandle,” Amarillo Matters President Jason Herrick said. “He and his wife, Jenni, are raising their children here and have been active members of our community for years.”

Josh Winegarner was born in Spearman, attended college in Abilene before starting a career that has always centered around issues that people throughout the district face every day, while two of his opponents have never even cast a ballot in the district.

Josh Winegarner gained experience in D.C. while working for Texas Senators Phil Gramm and John Cornyn. He’s spent the last 14 years working for the Texas Cattle Feeders Association and has a record of being a strong advocate and getting things done at both the state and federal level. Josh Winegarner attends Hillside Christian Church and can often be found at local 4H events with his son.

“He understands the needs of area farmers and ranchers, and he knows how important their work is to the state and to the nation,” Herrick added. Farmers, ranchers, and oil producers in the 13th District provide much of the nation’s fuel, fiber, and food.

“Josh Winegarner also understands the importance of a secure border and secure nation,” Amarillo Matters Board Member Lilia Escajeda said. “He strongly supports the efforts of Bell, Pantex, and Sheppard Air Force Base and will work hard to continue the legacy of Congressman Mac Thornberry in making sure those operations have the needed support from the federal government and that our nation is secure.”

“On top of all of that, Josh Winegarner is a proven conservative leader who will fight to protect the unborn and has been a life-long supporter of the second amendment,” Herrick said.

“Simply put, Josh Winegarner will get the job done,” Escajeda said. “He’s dedicated his career to working on issues that impact our area and has a proven record of success. He’s an effective leader who will work hard on our behalf in Washington, D.C.”

The primary election will be held on March 3. Early voting will begin on February 18.

About Amarillo Matters: Amarillo Matters was formed in 2016 to work to identify, articulate, and facilitate positive opportunities for Amarillo and the surrounding area, which includes supporting leaders of the highest integrity who know what makes us great and have the desire and knowledge to make us better.

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